Fuyuko Fujimi 1/5 Scale Figure

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1/5 Scale Figure
Pija's Original Character
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Witness the silliness of the old-fashioned girl illustrated by Pjaniishimo!

They have always been called as the 「Beautiful Girl figure」 eversince.
No doubt this kind of figure is called such name nowadays, created like how precious jewels are supposed to be; refined beauty throughout.

Meanwhile, Fuyuko Fujimi's expression is quite different from the other figure's cute appeal.

To summarized, she's 「old-fashioned and serious」, or in other words, plain and country-like」.
She's unlike the other girls with super model looks and glamour.
However you would become sexually curious as you see what's underneath her thin clothes.

Here comes the moment when the oppressed desire overflows beyond reason; the silliness of an ordinary girl illustrated by the famoust artist Pjaniishimo!

For you to feel what it's like to be around her, this figure has been brought to life by the sculptor company Moineau and painted by Juunichi Fukui.

Add her to your collection, as she will be the newest figure to challenge the norm!

Included: Interchangeable parts (facial expression, upper and lower body, arm)

Painted PVC 1/7th scale figure with stand included. Approximately 347mm in height with stand.

18+ item!

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Fuyuko Fujimi 1/5 Scale Figure
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