Fumina Murasaki 1/6 Scale Figure

1/6 Scale Figure
Yom Original Character
February 2024
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Legend among Legends, Give way to tights connoisseur Yom's latest Scale Figure.

Be it manga, anime, illustration, or any form of media, its our favourite tights preacher's turn to pass down OUR religion to generations to come!

Yom's fans usually dream of abnormal situations such as alpha women stepping down on them and giving them disdainful look.

We crave for those tights enveloped legs oozing with humid & warmness, freshly taken off from her shoes, and just a few centimeters away from that first contact.

Accessories includes, interchangeable lower body parts and novelty parts that allows you to display Fumina with half-worn underwear and tights.

Fumina's pale white legs and black tights have a strong affinity for each other that taking the tights off will give you a whiff of her rich fragrance.

In addition to her innovative interchangeable parts, we have added a stand for her own lower body part!

One of the selling point instigated by Yom is allowing you to display and marvel on these beautiful and cultured tights.

If you haven't noticed, the stand is inspired from Fumina's social media sub-account used for posting her naughty side.

We believe that you will be able to fully enjoy and recreate scenes of your own with this piece.

Akimofu who has a wide talent in sculpting both SFW and NSFW figures was in charge of sculpting. Painting was supervised by famous figure manufacturer Revolve themselves.

UWOOOGGGGHHH! For the sake of tights.....!!!

Be sure to add Fumina Murasaki to your collection as it is a very gorgeous piece that bends the common sense of R-18 Figures!

Included: Interchangeable Lower Body Parts, Half-worn underwear Parts, Exclusive Base for Lower Body Parts, and Background Sheet for the Base

Painted PVC & ABS 1/6 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 270mm in height.

18+ item!

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Fumina Murasaki 1/6 Scale Figure
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