Evangelion Evolution EV-EX EVA Unit 01 & EVA Unit 13 + Spear of Gaius

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Evangelion Evolution
Rebuild of Evangelion
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From Kaiyodo's Evangelion Evolution series comes a special set featuring Eva Unit 01, Unit 13, and the Spear of Gaius!

The Spear of Gaius is a key item seen in the film "Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time.", and Kaiyodo is the very first company to sculpt it for collectors!

The complex shape and coloring of the spear is based on materials by designer Ikuto Yamashita. The total length of the weapon is approximately 300mm, matching the size of the Evangelion Evolution series of action figures.

Recreate the epic battle of "Thrice Upon a Time" with this amazing figure set!

The Spear of Gaius can be displayed separately using a display stand.

The colors of Eva Unit 01 and 13 have been redesigned with a high-contrast image. The joints have been changed from those used in previous releases, making it easier to pose them. A wide variety of optional parts are included.

With this product alone, you can recreate many poses and scenes from the "Rebuild of Evangelion" movie series!


Accessories for EVA Unit 01

  • Fourth Angel display (including damaged arm, damaged bone, 8mm double joint)
  • 6 types of optional hands (12 total left and right)
  • Palette gun
  • Progressive knife
  • Umbilical cable
  • Optional head

Accessories for EVA Unit 13

  • 4 types of optional hands (normal hand left and right x3, left and right x1 for four-armed state)
  • Spear x2
  • Normal body
  • AT Field
  • Defense unit
  • Stand with arm (2 sections) 3 sets
    Approximately 140mm (Unit 01) | 165mm (Unit 13) in height. Spear of Gaius is approximately 300mm in length.
    * This item is limited to 3 per person.
    Evangelion Evolution EV-EX EVA Unit 01 & EVA Unit 13 + Spear of Gaius
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