Elle 1/5 Scale Figure

1/5 Scale Figure
saitom Original Character
July 2024
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saitom's Original Free-spirited & Unconventional Maid, "Elle" is finally here!

Today, May 19, 2:55 PM.

Left the kitchen in high spirits to serve tea in time for master's break.
My colleague Mille looked on restlessly, but I'm not going to give up this role.

2:57 PM.

No way! Unlucky... My shoe strap broke and it tripped me.
Even though my horoscope was ranked 3rd this morning... Jeez, guess I'm not believing that morning show ever again.
In the meantime... Let's clean up the carpet....

3:10 PM.

Whew.. Done with cleaning, but now my underwear is wet. Kinda reluctant to meet master in this state.
Lemme get dry with the fan in the sunroom for a moment.

3:15 PM.

Met master who came to check on me. Such an awkward moment.
There's no simple and appropriate explanation here..!!

"I-I'm not s-slacking off!?"


"Elle" of housekeeping, one of the maids portrayed by saitom, is finally here!

Prototype by Moineau Production and Paintwork by Shunjirou.
Enhancing the cuteness of saitom's illustration by multitudes and yonder.
Cementing this maid figure as its very own "Definitive Edition".

Bringing saitom's illustration to life,
Elle's face, skirt sculpted to catch the breeze, and translucent underwear.
"native, I think you might be overdoing it a touch"
You'll surely enjoy every nook and cranny of details!

In addition, Elle will come with a "Mini Design Collection Booklet" which includes illustrations drawn by saitom.
We also have a special packaging design proposal for this project. A must-have item for saitom fans!

Please invite the happy working maid to your household!

Accessories: Hand-Held Panties, Pedestal Fan, Base, and a Mini Design Collection Booklet

Painted 1/5th scale PVC & ABS figure with display base included. Approximately 320mm in height.

18+ item!

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Elle 1/5 Scale Figure
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