Dynaction Omegamon

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Digimon Adventure
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The Royal Knight Omegamon from "Digimon" joins the DYNACTION series!

Standing at 400mm tall, this is a massive action figure featuring faithful colors and utilizing diecast metal parts for durability and heft. Boasting natural posability, this premium action figure takes even dramatic poses with ease, letting you re-create your favorite scenes. What's more, it comes with a dynamic 750mm long cape made of cloth that can take poses of its own. Optional parts allow you to change the direction of Omegamon's glance, and the set includes mini figures of Taichi and Yamato that can ride on his shoulder! This is Omegamon on a scale you've never seen before.

[Set Contents] Main Body, Cape, Grey Sword, Garuru Cannon, Taichi Figure, Yamato Figure, Optional shoulders (L/R), Optional eyes (2 pairs), Stand

Approximately 15.7" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Dynaction Omegamon
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