Chihuyu Tsukimi 1/5 Scale Figure

1/5 Scale Figure
Seiso Kanojo Ochiru II
December 2023
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Original Character Illustrated by Guremosu, Chihuyu Tsukimi!

Chihyu Tsukimi is from the popular series "Seiso Kanojo, Ochiru。Ⅱ" recreated as a 1/5 scaled figure!
Perplexed at being forced to dress in a maid outfit, Chihuyu has been sculpted as a large-scale figure towering over 33 cm.

Jet black long hair, embarrassed, and staring down with a bewildered expression.
The faint salmon pink outfit is also perfect for her neat and tidy appearance, as if she's inviting you...
Chihuyu will definitely make your heart race.

From the show-stopping maid outfit to her bouncy curves,
To the delicate flow of hair, and all the other wonderful details, the skilled sculptor "Macallan24" carefully sculpted Chihuyu to life.
Furthermore, Guremosu added and colored the original illustration on which this figure was based on.
Turning this piece more imaginative. Completely supervised by Guremosu, of course!
Chihuyu's large, humble chest, which has a very eye-catching sense of gravity, will have an interchangeable chest part.
Her tiny thong, which hides all the secrets of the world for you to enjoy, is a cast-off part.

In your ideal situation, wouldn't it be better to spend some sweet time with the immaculate seiso maid, Chihuyu?

Accessories: Base and Interchangeable Chest Part

Painted 1/5 scale ABS & PVC & Metal complete product with stand included. Approximately 334mm in height. 

18+ item!

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Chihuyu Tsukimi 1/5 Scale Figure
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