Charlotte 1/4 Scale Figure

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1/4 Scale Figure
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Original Illustration by Parsley, our lollipop licking Bunny Girl has arrived in 1/4 Scale!

Charlotte, the mischieveous bunny girl illustrated by Parsley has been reproduced as a 1/4 Scale Figure!

Charlotte's goregous blonde hair brings out her cheekiness and sexyness when donning a bunny suit.
The lollipop that I wished I was and the carrot with a profound meaning as deep as the Fibonacci Sequence has also been reproduced in an impressive scale.

As per standards, Charlotte's tights are made out of actual fabric and portion of her bunny suit are rearrangeable and cast-off.
Please welcome Charlotte, YOUR naughty bunny, into your solace.

Painted 1/4th scale ABS & PVC & Polyester product. Approximately 300mm in height.

18+ item!

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Charlotte 1/4 Scale Figure
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