CARBOTIX Series Black Getter

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Getter Robot Armageddon
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'Following the legacy of the highly regarded "Getter Robo-1" with its exceptional quality, completeness, and engaging gimmicks, we now present the Black Getter, which has been developed with added die-cast content for increased durability and intricate details.
The intense appearance of the "Black Getter" and its ruthless combat style have earned it a beloved following among many fans. In order to capture the imposing presence of the Black Getter from “Getter Robo Armageddon (1999)”, Blitzway has utilized a non-glossy black color for the entire surface, enhancing its striking look. Experience the various poses of the Black Getter with the robust ratchet joints, bringing the iconic moments to life from the animated series.
Discover Blitzway's second “Getter Robo” product in the Carbotix Line, the "Black Getter," which showcases an even more developed design, following the popularity of the previous "Getter Robo-1“ series. Meet it now at Blitzway!

Approximately 232mm in height. 

Materials: ABS & PVC & Die-Cast

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CARBOTIX Series Black Getter
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