Brynhildr 1/6 Scale Figure

Rocket Boy
1/6 Scale Figure
Pure Blood Device
February 2023
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「The traditional chastity belt is a proof of the elite ... Transformation with a key!Absolutely pure-blooded! !」

Collaboration of Mochi ×Grizzly Panda is finally here!

"Brynhildr" from "Pure Blood Device" has arrived! From the collaboration project of Mochi and Grizzly Panda.

Reproduce the naked state by replacing her body parts.

It is possible to combine it with "Rossweisse" which will be sold in the future with the attached chain lead parts.

※Combination of the collar parts are included with Rossweisse

Included: stand, chain lead parts for combination, interchangeable body parts

Painted 1/6 scale PVC & ABS figure with stand included. Approximately 215mm in height.

18+ Item!

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
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Brynhildr 1/6 Scale Figure
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