Bring Arts Yuffie Kisaragi

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Bring Arts
Final Fantasy VII
February 2025
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From FINAL FANTASY VII comes the cat-shaped fortune telling machine Cait Sith and his trusty steed, Fat Moogle as a BRING ARTS action figure!

The figure is based on the original FINAL FANTASY VII design, and despite its small size, Cait Sith is incredibly articulated and uses interchangeable pieces for many dynamic poses.
As for the Fat Moogle, soft vinyl material is used in places to help recreate its unique look, and it is a more simplified posable figure.

Accessories include Cait Sith’s megaphone, interchangeable arms and hands, as well as a mounting piece to allow Cait Sith to sit on the Fat Moogle’s back, allowing for recreation of various scenes.

Approximately 130mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Bring Arts Yuffie Kisaragi
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