BISHOUJO Statue Starscream 1/7 Scale Figure

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1/7 Scale Figure
July 2024
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Based on the enthralling toy concept of everyday objects transforming into robot-like lifeforms, the Transformers series has captivated the world with its films and cartoons.

Since 1984, this series has been loved by people from all walks of life across the globe and now, Hasbro, Takara Tomy, and Kotobukiya have teamed up to create the new

Laying the foundations for the still beloved series, the first generation, THE TRANSFORMERS (or G1 for short), have been given a BISHOUJO-style makeover by Shunya Yamashita.

Starscream, the Air Commander of the Decepticons, makes a long-awaited arrival to the series!

Underneath an ambitious, cunning smirk, Starscream's false loyalty is represented by a precisely done necktie. The active design of the survival jacket she wears is reminiscent of a jet pilot and sports the color scheme of Starscream's original robot design. 

The wings have been recreated as a gym bag slung over her shoulder, reminiscent of the transformation feature of the original design.

Displaying her alongside the previously released TRANSFORMERS MEGATRON BISHOUJO STATUE will most certainly make her stand out even more!

SKYWARP and THUNDERCRACKER are also currently in development! Don’t miss out on the imposing form of all the Seekers together by adding them to your collection today!

Roll out!

*This deluxe edition for the KOTOBUKIYA SHOP and overseas includes an interchangeable face part of Starscream begging Megatron for forgiveness after being scolded

Painted PVC (Phthalate-free) & ABS 1/7 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 215mm in height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
BISHOUJO Statue Starscream 1/7 Scale Figure
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