Berserker/Lancelot Action Figure

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Action Figure
Fate/Grand Order
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From the popular mobile phone game Fate/Grand Order, comes the Berserker-class Servant "Lancelot". The figure stands at almost 7 inches tall. Accessories include Lancelot's favorite sword "Aroundight" and the impressive "Metal Pole" appeared in the game. Decoration of the helmet is movable by ball joint while the ornaments extended from his back has built-in wire inside so they can produce various vibes to match different poses. By displaying Lancelot with a total of 6 ornaments and his "Aroundight", the 3rd Ascension form can be reproduced.

Approximately 6.9" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Berserker/Lancelot Action Figure
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