Bastet Casino: Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure

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1/4 Scale Figure
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June 2024
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The Great Cat Goddess "Bastet" in a Sexy Outfit Has Reappeared!

An original by Houtengeki taking inspiration from the world of Egyptian legend,
we present the Egyptian goddess Bastet in a bare legged get-up.

The gorgeous gold and black costume compliments her voluptuous amber skin, the gracefully feminine line of her fleshly legs spread wide, and that alluring gaze that washes over you...
Every engaging aspect of her allure has been recreated in great detail, as overseen by illustrator Houtengeki.

The goddess Bastet descended to the earth with a more vivid existence by taking off her net tights.
Please enshrine her in your altar together with the "Anubis", guiding you to your own peril.

Painted PVC & ABS 1/4 scale complete product. Approximately 175mm in height.

18+ item!

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Bastet Casino: Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure
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