Asuna Roomwear Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

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1/7 Scale Figure
Sword Art Online the Movie Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night
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From "Sword Art Online: The Movie - Progressive - Aria of the Starless Night" comes the 1/7th scale figure of Asuna in her loungewear.
Her red lingerie is adorned with ribbons and frills that show off her translucent white skin. Clear parts were used to give it the translucent look.

The proportions of the figure are perfect! Her slender arms, legs, and shoulders are visible through her revealing gown, creating a soft and feminine figure. The pose bringing out the cute side of the always dignified Asuna.

Her beautiful long hair has been carefully sculpted to show off its details as it flows through her body.

In addition to the standard expression part, she also comes with an expression part that shows her gentle smile and one that shows off a more tender expression.

You can't help but be charmed by her blushed cheeks as she holds out her hand, and her beauty overflows.

Please welcome her to your collection.

Painted ABS&PVC 1/7 scale complete product with stand included. Approx. 130mm in height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Asuna Roomwear Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure
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