Yukari Komiya Illustration by Akasa Ai 1/5 Scale Figure

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1/5 Scale Figure
Akasaai Original Character
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Bishop's Rondo's new work is the original character "Yukari Komiya" by Ai Akasa
The newest addition to the Bishop's Rondo series is Yukari Komiya, an original character created by the popular illustrator Ai Akasa! The new 1/5th scale figure is based on a newly drawn illustration by the artist, and is filled with a sense of excitement and presence. Yukari's twin-tailed red-brown hair, energetic expression, and glamorous body, combined with her bare school uniform, create an exciting situation! The sexy knee-high stockings and short skirt are also a highlight. Also included a replaceable embarrassed face, as well as parts for her skirt and pants, which are about to come off. Of course, the outfit can be cast off! Please enjoy the various combinations while imagining the scene.

・Based on an illustration by Ai Akasa, Yukari has been faithfully recreated in her bare body.
・Her hair has been sculpted and colored with attention to detail.
・She is wearing her summer clothes with her arms rolled up, and her underwear is also faithfully reproduced.
・The knee-high stockings and the expression of the outfit have been carefully sculpted and colored.
・The shirt, skirt and underwear are cast-off, allowing you to enjoy Yukari in a variety of situations.
・Comes with a replaceable 'embarrassed face' part.

Painted 1/5th scale ABS & ATBC-PVC complete product. Approximately 130mm in height.

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Yukari Komiya Illustration by Akasa Ai 1/5 Scale Figure
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