Ai, Aqua & Ruby - Mother and Children 1/8 Scale Figure

1/8 Scale Figure
Oshi no Ko
March 2025
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"Grow up healthy. As your mother, that’s all I ask for."

Introducing scale figures from【OSHI NO KO】 of Ai, Aqua, and Ruby based on the visual illustration for the movie.

The family’s warm and peaceful everyday life has been captured in figure form!

The three characters' different gestures are carefully expressed: Ruby jumping on Ai happily, Ai greeting her with a smile, and Aqua acting unconcerned as he’s held in Ai's arms.

Attention has been paid to even the smallest details, such as the photo book of B-Komachi that Aqua is holding.

Please add this scene of everyday family life, like a snapshot of a tender moment, to your collection.

Painted plastic 1/8 scale complete product with a stand included.

Approximately 105mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Ai, Aqua & Ruby - Mother and Children 1/8 Scale Figure
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