Ade-Sugata VI 1/6 Scale Figure

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1/6 Scale Figure
Amamitsuki Original Character
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The young girl who is blossoming in her prime

『Ade-Sugata VI』

Welcome to the sixth installment of our Ade-Sugata series, based on an original illustration of a kimono-clad beauty by Amamitsuki.

Ade-Sugata VI has been transformed into a 1/6 scale figure.

This erotic character design is illustrated by the famous artist Amamitsuki.

Thorough structural enhancement and modeling is done by professional sculptor Fortunation.

This product also has a full range of different parts like the previous figures in the series. (3 face plates, 3 lower body parts)

The yearning desire hidden within the depths of your heart, don't you wanna dig deeper and find out what more is there to see?

She is at the boundary between sanity and can witness everything just by looking at her face!

She's losing her mind everytime she feels the sensation you bring!

Explore the aesthetic scene with your very own eyes. See it for yourself!

You are free to give the best possible name that will suit her and make Ade-Sugata VI all yours! 

Included: Interchangeable parts (facial expression, lower body)

Painted 1/6th scale ABS & PVC figure with stand included. Approximately 310mm in height.

18+ item!

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Ade-Sugata VI 1/6 Scale Figure
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