Ade-Sugata V 1/7 Scale Figure

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1/7 Scale Figure
Fufu Kuro Original Character
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Do you appear before me now because I drifted to sleep thinking of you?
Should I learn this is a dream, may I never wake.

Welcome the the fifth installment of our Ade-Sugata series, based on an original illustration of a kimono-clad beauty by Fufu Kuro. Ade-Sugata V has been transformed into a 1/7 scale figure.

The lovely body of this kimono clad beauty glistening with indecency invites you to indulge in carnal desire.

In addition to the basic lion-cloth covered lower body, you can create an even more libertine display with the "Inserted Dildo (Disheveled Loin-cloth) Lower Body" and "Raised Hips (No Loin-cloth) Lower Body" interchangeable parts, both generously included.

Sculpted by Atsukawa Manju, in his/her debut sculpt for magic bullet(s).
Paintwork by Eimi Hoshina.

You'll wanted to behold the "hidden side" of this lustrous kimono-clad beauty with your own eyes.

Included: 2 x interchangeable lower body parts

Painted ABS&PVC 1/7th scale figure. Approximately 250mm in width.

18+ item!

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Ade-Sugata V 1/7 Scale Figure
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