Yume Hoshizono 1/6 Scale Figure

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1/6 Scale Figure
Kichiroku Original Character
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Kichiroku has drawn a special idol just for you♥ 

We present to you the young and innocent Yume Hoshizono, drawn by Kichiroku, wearing an idol-singer inspired outfit, and recreated in 1/6 scale!

Her voluptuous body is bursting out from her adorable costume, straddling her mic stand in a move of audacious seduction - we've recreated every part of this hidden desire in great detail. 

Her idol-like dynamic pose, the delicate flow of her hair, and flashy costume create a spectacle to behold no matter where you look. 

Starting with the initial planning, Kichiroku offered his assistance many times, such as drawing out costume details, to ensure the greatest level of perfection. 

Per your discerning taste, you can also display her without the skirt.

Standing in the spotlight, Yume Hoshizono takes the stage just for you...
Take her and her provocative expression home with you.

Included: stand, microphone stand, bodily fluid parts, double-sided tape

Painted 1/6th scale ABS&PVC&SUS complete product with stand included. Approximately 204mm in height.

18+ item!

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Yume Hoshizono 1/6 Scale Figure
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