Variable Action Garland SF-03 -Livery Edition- (with Gift)

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Variable Action
Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA
July 2024
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The Garland SF-03 is the third "Livery Edition" in the popular Future GPX Cyber Formula Variable Action series.  This sleek and refined vehicle showcases a simple yet agile design that expresses a sense of elegance and sophistication.

With the unique markings and beautiful paint scheme exclusive to the Livery Edition, it has been transformed into a racing machine worthy of its name, "Garland", which means "Glory". It looks like the super car came straight out of a racing scene in the series, with a high quality finish.

The Garland SF-03 played an important role in the early stages of "New Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA" and left a lasting impression as the machine that Hayato Kazami first switched to from Asurada. The Boost Mode can be recreated by replacing certain parts.

Take this opportunity to experience the quality of the Livery Edition models, which will add a whole new charm to your collection!

This version comes with a gift.

Pre-Painted Model. Approximately 180mm in length.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Variable Action Garland SF-03 -Livery Edition- (with Gift)
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