V.F.G. VF-25F Messiah Ranka Lee Model Kit

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Plastic Model
Macross Frontier
June 2022
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From "Macross F" series, the Super Dimension Cinderella "Ranka Lee" has become the first VF girl to appear in the series!

The aircraft to be combined is the VF-25F Messiah, the livery of Alto Saotome's aircraft. A folded speaker is attached to the main wing of the aircraft, which can transform into three forms, and together with the speaker gun pod, it provides powerful support for Ranka's singing voice. Parts that can reproduce the image of the Dinam Chogokin costume, as well as accessory parts such as Ai-kun, Ranka's cellphone, and microphone are also included. She also comes with parts for her bare feet and hands for the first time in the series, giving you even more ways to play with her!

[Key Points]
・Snap kit of color-coded molding, no adhesive required
・Reproduce the exclusive coloring by applying the stickers and decals included.
・Three-form reproduction of the fighter, Gawalk, Battroid is possible through the reassembly transformation
・Folded speaker, speaker gun pod included.
・By using the dedicated parts, the costume of the Dinam Chogokin image can be reproduced.
・Accessory parts such as Ai-kun, Ranka's cellphone, and microphone are included!

[Product Specifications]
Scale:non scale
Size:Full length of the aircraft:220mm (when fighter), height of the body:150mm
Material: PS/ABS/PVC
・3 forms can be reproduced by transforming and reassembling parts.
・Snap kit model with no need for adhesives
・Color-coded molding
・Comes with 3 types of colored face parts
・Stickers for coloring are included.
・Eye decals for the girl included

[Special Bonus Parts]
・Parts for Reproducing the Image of Dinam Chogokin Costume
・Ai-kun, cell phone, and microphone

*The display base is not included.
*The image is a prototype and has been painted for photographic purposes. It may differ from the actual product.
*This product is a plastic model kit. Tools are required for assembly.

Scale: non scale

Size: Full length of the aircraft: 220mm (when fighter), height of the body: 150mm

Material: PS/ABS/PVC


* This item is limited to 3 per person.
V.F.G. VF-25F Messiah Ranka Lee Model Kit
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