The Girl's Secret Delusion #1 1/6 Scale FIgure

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1/6 Scale Figure
Mibunatsuki Original Character
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「Your alter ego」what kind of emotions do you express?

The new series of Magic Parade's Beautiful Girl Figure, 「The Girl's Secret Delusion」

With this gorgeous girl's secret facial expression as a theme for this figure, she expresses deep foolish emotions in the shadows...

The new illustration has been made into a scale figure based on this theme.

This product has also various parts like the one before!
(face part x 1 variety.、upper and lower body parts x 1 variety、includes 1 type of interchangeable right arm)

This character design is the very first in this series created by the artist Mibunatsuki!

You're the only one who can see it... enjoy her secret facial expression in different scenarios!

As this is a common figure in the company, this beautiful girl doesn't have a name. Would you please give her one?

Included: Interchangeable parts (facial expression, upper and lower body, arm)

Painted 1/6th scale ABS & PVC & Polyester complete product. Approximately 200mm in height.

18+ item!

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
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The Girl's Secret Delusion #1 1/6 Scale FIgure
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