Summer Memories 1/6 Scale Figure

Rocket Boy
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1/6 Scale Figure
Matarou Original Character
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A girl wearing a straw hat, based on an illustration by Mataro! 

A figure based on an illustration by popular illustrator Mataro.  Sporting a large straw hat, this girl promises a summer full of memories.  Her refreshing smile, tummy showing beneath her tied t-shirt hem, and dazzling long thighs extending from her hot pants - a very healthy looking girl forever memorialized this in summery scene. 

You can tell at first glance that this is a 100% solid Rocket Boy figure, but of course that's not all. 

It includes interchangeable parts for you to select her breasts with or without the swimsuit, and her hot pants can be removed to reveal very risqué bikini bottoms, as well as the nice large hips Mataro's girls are known for. 

The straw hat can also be removed, accompanied with interchangeable parts so that her pose doesn't seem unnatural.  But not only do they eliminate her unnatural pose, her hand pinches lifts up her fleshy bottom, with the appropriate crotch parts to match, for an even sexier look. 

With a figure that can give very different impressions based on which parts are equipped, you'll definitely definitely want to try it first hand.

Included: hat, interchangeable parts (both arms, left leg, chest, crotch), stand

Painted 1/6th scale ABS & PVC complete product with stand included. Approximately 310mm in height (with hat).

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Summer Memories 1/6 Scale Figure
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