Static Arts Tifa Lockhart Exotic Dress Ver.

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Static Arts
Final Fantasy VII Remake
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Tifa, from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, returns to the STATIC ARTS statuette line, this time in a dress a little more exotic than she’s used to!

The owner of the Seventh Heaven bar goes through a total image makeover that includes a flower ornament in her hair and a luxurious obi wrapped around her. Tifa sits on a stool with her hands placed on her lap, awaiting her mission at Corneo’s mansion.

The meticulous details, from the flowing texture of the dress sleeves to Tifa's dignified expression and silhouette, make this STATIC ARTS figure truly a sight to behold.

Approximately 239mm in height. 

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Static Arts Tifa Lockhart Exotic Dress Ver.
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