Soul of Chogokin GX-46R Dygenguar & Aussenseiter

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Soul of Chogokin
Super Robot Wars: Original Generations
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This is a renewed edition of the Soul of Chogokin GX-46 DYGENGUAR & AUSSENSEITER set! The incredible transformation is just how you remember it, but the head is newly sculpted and cape is now cloth, which in concert with improved posability and new accessories makes this a seriously powered-up set for fans!

[Set Contents]
Dygenguar body, Two pairs of optional hands for Dygenguar, Two optional faces for Dygenguar, Three type of Sanshiki Zankantou Sword, Guardians Sword, Aussenseiter body, Two left and three right optional hands for Aussenseiter, Lanze Kanone (L/R), Schulter Platte (x2), Seam Parts, Cape Parts, Horseback Parts, Stand, More

Approximately 7.1" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Soul of Chogokin GX-46R Dygenguar & Aussenseiter
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