Soul of Chogokin DX Voltes V

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Soul of Chogokin DX
Super Electromagnetic Machine VOLTES V
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The legendary five-part combining super robot VOLTES V is back with digitized combination sounds, special attack sounds, lines from the anime, and five songs! The five machines combine into the towering 360mm tall Voltes V -- complete with sound effects for the docking sequence and weapon sounds! The support ship Taka-mecha and an all new enemy Boazan flying saucer are included, too!

[Set Contents] Volt Crewzer, Volt Bomber, Volt Panzer, Volt Frigate, Volt Lander, Taka-mecha, Boazan UFO, Tenkuken Sword, Voltes Bazooka, Two Chodenji Top, Two Gatling missiles, Two Chain Knuckles, Chodenji String two pairs L/R, Display Base, Four pairs of optional hands, Five Pilot Capsules, V Sign effect, Five Catapults, Volt Crewzer option parts, A pair of hand parts for Bazooka, hand conceal parts for Volt Bomber, two hand joint parts, falcon head, Voltes Bazooka bullet, Super Electromagnetic ball, control unit, support rod, two AA battery (TRY-ME function)

Approximately 14.1" in height. 

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Soul of Chogokin DX Voltes V
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