Riobot Transform Combine R-3

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Super Robot Wars
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'“Transform・Combine Project SRX” finally started! The third item is “R-3 Powered”!

From “Super Robot Wars OG”, “R-3” is arranged as an action figure which completely realizes transformation and combination!

The R-Series mecha "R-3", which is developed under the SRX project and meant to form the waist and legs of the mighty machine SRX, can become "R-3 Powered" by equipping the super huge T-LINK Flight System.

"R-3 Powered" measures 32cm long, making it the largest mecha among all three in the line-up!

The product comes with Nendou Sasshushiki Laser Cannon and Strike Shield (fixed type).

When combining with the separately sold “R-1” and “R-2 Powered”, the most powerful form “SRX” can be formed.

Please enjoy “The Invincible Super Robot SRX” proudly presented by Sentinel, standing approximately 350mm and consisting of over 1,000 parts in total! Let's go! VARIABLE FORMATION!!

Approximately 6" in height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Riobot Transform Combine R-3
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