Riobot Linebarrel

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Linebarrels of Iron
June 2023
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'Linebarrel is coming to Sentinel's RIOBOT toy line!

Produced under the supervision of Eiichi Shimizu (creator of Linebarrel), this item combines sculpting that is accurate to the original design with high quality articulation that is Sentinel's specialty.

An elegant pearl white is used for the base color, while markings are pre-printed to the figure with optional water-slide decals or stickers. Diecast metal parts are also used throughout the body to produce a weighty feel, making this the quintessential Linebarrel toy!

Linebarrel's Overdrive form can be achieved by unfolding the shoulder pieces and swapping out parts.

The Executor can be connected to the main body through a tube, and also be stored in the tail stabilizer.

Approximately 255mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Riobot Linebarrel
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