Play Arts Kai Red XIII

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Play Arts Kai
Final Fantasy VII Remake
May 2022
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Red XIII from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE makes his appearance as a PLAY ARTS KAI figure!From the vivid gradation of his coat of fur and mane, to the brilliant flame at the tip of his tail, our designers have faithfully recreated the strong features and realistic look of Red XIII as seen in REMAKE.

This figure has many points of articulation, including his eyes and upper jaw, as well as a flexible tail allowing you to reenact various poses and scenes from the original game.

PVC Action Figure
Product Size: L 7.09" x W 3.82" x D 10.31" (L 180mm x W 97mm x D 262mm)

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Play Arts Kai Red XIII
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