PLAMAX Iron Giant

Max Factory
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April 2023
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Max Factory is bringing the Iron Giant back in PLAMAX form!

Following PLAMAX Sirbine, Max Factory presents a second PLAMAX plastic model kit based on legendary kits from the past.

Each part of the original Iron Giant soft vinyl kit released in 1986 has been 3D scanned and recreated in 150mm fixed pose plastic model form.
The casted appearance of the parts on its front and the special shield part made for the soft vinyl kit have been faithfully recreated. The pose of the model has been reconfigured to fit that of the box art—a pose only possible through the injection molding process used to create plastic model parts. Be sure to add this plastic model of Iron Giant to your collection!

*Plastic model tools and adhesive are required for assembly.
*Use paint appropriate for plastic models when painting.

Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit. Non-scale. Approx. 150mm in height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
PLAMAX Iron Giant
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