Park Girl 1/7 Scale Figure

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1/7 Scale Figure
Fuyuki Nanahara Original Character
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Straddling a bouncy park ride at dusk, this girl must really like to play.

Passing through a dimly lit park after school, you see an unfamiliar side of the Student Council President.

Lost in her own world with a childlike innocence, you can't bring her play session to an end.  And soon you realize this is her true nature...

We've taken the "Park Girl" illustration by popular artist Fuyuki Nanahara and brought her to life.  Sculptor Roin has skillfully crafted this cute yet scandalous girl, exposing her elegant porcelain skin in the park's frigid dusk air. 

The bunny-styled bouncing park ride accentuates the outdoor nature of this fantasy, and constrasts with her nervous yet excited expression.

We hope you'll enjoy our "Park Girl," with her picturesque beauty, erotic sensuality, and just a hint of silliness.

Included: bunny bouncer ride stand, scarf, school bag

Painted 1/7th scale ABS & PVC figure with base included. Approximately 230mm in height (including stand).

18+ item!

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Park Girl 1/7 Scale Figure
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