NXEDGE STYLE Dukemon/Gallantmon: Crimson Mode

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Wreathed in crimson armor, DUKEMON / GALLANTMON : CRIMSONMODE joins NXEDGE STYLE! Featuring sharp sculpting that brings out all the detail and edges of the complex design, it includes a giant Gungnir spear as well. An included stand lets you display Dukemon in action poses, either alone or with the Beelzemon: Blast Mode figure (sold separately), which is releasing at the same time!

[Set Contents]Main Body, Gungnir Spear, Blutgang Sword, STAGE stand set

Approximately 3.5" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
NXEDGE STYLE Dukemon/Gallantmon: Crimson Mode
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