Natsumi Amemiya 1/5 Scale Figure

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1/5 Scale Figure
Kekemotsu Original Character
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Introducing everyone's favorite character by Kekemotu, Natsumi Amemiya! 

Drawn by Kekemotsu, we introduce teacher "Natsumi Amemiya," advisor to the swim team, wearing an ultra sheer swimsuit.  A young new recruit, she's a bit ditzy.  A beloved character full of charm, this long awaited figure is finally here!

Not only will you receive a three-dimensional interpretation of this reputed doujinshi illustration, it also  includes interchangeable lower body parts.  You're definitely going to find full satisfaction with the exciting visualization of this "special edition," revealing what the figure "really wants to show you!"

Sculptor Deira has fully utilized his skills, making the voluptuous lower body and breasts spilling out of her swimsuit something you won't want to miss.  Pay careful attention to softness of her flesh conveyed in his work.

Every male students' hopes and dreams all rolled up into one, we hope you take full appreciation Ms. Natsumi's impeccable body! 

Included: hat, interchangeable parts (right hand, lower body)

            Painted 1/5th scale PVC & ABS complete product with stand included. Approximately 215mm in height (including hat).

            18+ item!

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            Natsumi Amemiya 1/5 Scale Figure
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