Metal Build Gundam Dynames Repair III

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Mobile Suit Gundam 00
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Piloted by Laetitia Erde, an Innovade of the same DNA type as Tieria, the Gundam Dynames Repair III is an updated version of Lockon's own, re-envisioned by the dream tag-team of designers Takayuki Yanase and Kanetake Ebikawa. Featuring an all-new diecast frame, the GN Bazooka and shoulder-mounted GN Shields are all new to this figure as well. It's an all new expression that captures the characteristics of the Dynames, the Virtue, and the Nadleeh for exceptional play value.

[Set Contents] Main Body, Two GN Shields, GN Bazooka, Four pairs of optional hands, Two beam saber effects, Two beam saber grips, Stand set, Rear thruster connector arms, GN Bazooka joint set, GN Shield joint set, GN Shield cover set

Approximately 7.08" in height. 

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Metal Build Gundam Dynames Repair III
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