Mega Man -Mega Man 11 Ver.- Plastic Model

Plastic Model
Mega Man 11
November 2023
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Over ten years have passed since the release of MEGA MAN in 2010, and now this plastic model kit is getting completely powered up with the all-new release of MEGA MAN -MEGA MAN 11 Ver.- / ROCKMAN -ROCKMAN 11 Ver.-!

This model fully adopts the techniques cultivated in the existing Mega Man X plastic model kit series such as the intricate part separation and the employment of CAD technology to achieve both proportion and articulation. Just building this model recreates Mega Man as if he stepped out of the game!

Furthermore, the inclusion of four interchangeable face parts full of personality, the Buster, impressive Charge Shot effect parts, and other included items allow users to reenact various iconic scenes from Mega Man!

Model Specifications:
・The kit includes four interchangeable face parts.
・The Buster can be equipped to the model’s left or right arm.
・The kit includes four interchangeable hands to recreate a variety of situations.
・Includes a long-awaited helmetless head part.
・The new pop out articulation feature in the chest and arms allows for a wider range of motion. The sliding motion and poses while holding the Buster are able to be displayed more naturally.
・Includes Charge Shot effect parts which allow for scenes from the game to be recreated.
・The Charge Shot effect parts can also be used as effect parts for Mega Man's slides and other actions.
・The 3mm connection joint on the model’s back is compatible with separately sold bases from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G series, such as the NEW FLYING BASE and NEW FLYING BASE Plus, allowing for action poses from the game to be displayed.
・The kit is made of multi-colored plastic and contains pre-painted parts, making it easy for users of all levels to build Mega Man as he appears in the game.

Included Items:
・Four Interchangeable Face Parts (Default/Looking Forward, Smiling/Looking Left, Shouting/Looking Left, and Teeth Clenched/Looking Right)
・Helmetless Head Part
・Four Interchangeable Hand Parts (Closed, Open 1, Open 2, Open 3)
・Charge Shot Effect Parts

Materials: PS & PE & ABS & POM
Approximately 135mm in height when built.
* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Mega Man -Mega Man 11 Ver.- Plastic Model
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