Madoka Hachise 1/5 Scale Figure

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1/5 Scale Figure
Natsuiro no Uso
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1/5 scale figure of Madoka Hachise, based on an original illustration by Matarou. 

From Matarou's original doujinshi publication "Natsuiro no Uso.", we present this figure of Madoka Hachise - a blinding beauty, drenched in the midsummer sun with a disheveled school uniform! 
This 1/5 scale figure stands an impressive 29cm, perfectly capturing that bouncy, fleshy body and slightly childlike face. 
Every detail has been faithfully reproduced, including her soft body, school uniform, and goldfish key chain. 
Her skirt can be removed, giving you a more intimate view of her succulent hips and disheveled panties. 
And you can add the fluid parts if you like, too.
Her boyfriend is nice, but lacking something... Wouldn't you like to take a peek into the secrets she holds?

Included: stand, bodily fluid parts

Painted ABS&PVC 1/5 scale figure with stand included. Approximately 290mm in height.

18+ item!

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Madoka Hachise 1/5 Scale Figure
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