Lancer/Tamamo-no-mae 1/7 Scale Figure (Re-Run)

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1/7 Scale Figure
Fate/Grand Order
July 2024
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The next Servant to be summoned to Kotobukiya’s figure lineup from the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order is the fox-eared (self-proclaimed) devoted wife Tamamo-no-Mae in a swimsuit as she appeared in the event "It's Summer! It's the Beach! It's Adventure! FGO 2016 Summer Chaldea Summer Memories"!

The art of her 2nd Ascension is faithfully recreated down to the finest of details, including the beach umbrella which takes the place of a lance and her straw hat. The T-shirt and towel can be removed to display the figure in her bikini. Like the art, she is posed bending forward and slightly turning her waist, accentuating her feminine body.

Display her on summer vacation in two ways, either in a wet T-shirt that has turned transparent to show her skin, or in her bikini! Enjoy the truly lady-like, elegant Tamamo by adding her to your collection today.

              Painted ABS & PVC (Phthalate-free) & Iron 1/7 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 380mm in height.
              * This item is limited to 3 per person.
              Lancer/Tamamo-no-mae 1/7 Scale Figure (Re-Run)
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