5Pro Studio Legend Anime Inuyasha 1/6 Scale Statue

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1/6 Scale Figure
July 2023
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Inuyasha was one of the most popular Shōnen manga of its time. Inuyasha time warped between feudal Japan, marked by frequent war, plague, famine, and Yōkai (demons) who flourished during this chaos, and the present time.

Blitzway's R&D team created a figure which embodies Inuyasha's youthfulness and vigor when he defeated his first Yōkai, the Centipede Yōkai, in the manga.

The power that is emanating from the hefty Tetsusaiga is like the sun's flame bursting out, unable to be contained by the sword.

This statue captures the commanding look of Inuyasha having beaten the Centipede Yōkai, and the diorama base is majestically detailed!

The perfect opportunity to be the owner of a recreation of Inuyasha's great battle scene!

Check out Blitzway's newest work, 'Inuyasha', right now!

Product Specifications
・ Authentic likeness of Inuyasha Statue, approx. 71cm tall
・ Inuyasha Themed Diorama Base (1 pc)
・ Sword of Tetsusaiga with Flaming Effect (1 pc)
・ Wind Effect Parts (2 pcs)
・ Necklace (1 pc)

1. Head : PVC
2. Body : Polystone + Metal
3. Accessories : PVC,ABS
4. Base : Polystone, PVC
5. Package : Color EPP + Color Box

★Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★Prototype shown, final product might be slightly different.

 Approximately 28" in height.

This pre-order cannot be cancelled. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
* This item can only be ship within U.S. due to region restrictions.
5Pro Studio Legend Anime Inuyasha 1/6 Scale Statue
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