Gift Box Girl: Sari Shibusa 1/6 Scale Figure

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1/6 Scale Figure
"Comic Grape Vol.49" Cover Illustration
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A figure of Michiking's "Gift Box Girl" illustration!

A figure "Sari Shibusa," a young woman in a gift box with a suggestive smile, based on an illustration by Michiking, an artist very active in both the industry and independent scenes! 

We've taken no shortcuts in creating the perfect sculpture and paintwork to capture his unique style in 3D form, bringing you the ultimate gift.

As the box top can be removed, we've provided interchangeable parts to maintain her natural looking pose. You can also have her hold a used condom in her left hand - giving an all new meaning to that suggestive smile for you enjoy. 

A chest portion without bra is also included, and her panties can be removed, allowing you to create the combination that best suits your taste.

Included: box, interchangeable parts (chest, left hand, condom)

Painted 1/6th scale ABS & PVC figure with base included. Approximately 190mm in height.

18+ item!

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Gift Box Girl: Sari Shibusa 1/6 Scale Figure
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