Gaou Daishuku Hold Ayaka chan 1/6 Scale Figure

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1/6 Scale Figure
Gaou Ayaka chan
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Gaou is a very popular illustrator of the moment who draws many cute characters for Vtubers and light novels. Her original character, the super cute and very naughty "Ayaka-chan", is now available as a long-awaited figure! Her innocent expression, feminine curves, clear skin and pose that makes you want to hug her are sure to charm anyone who sees her. She is wearing an original baby doll that is perfect for the character, and even comes with a cat ear and a tail. The way she hugs the cushion is tempting. Of course, the figure is a cast-off, so you can enjoy Ayaka in all her glory. This is a character figure filled with the love of Gaou, and it's a must have!

・The figure is a faithful reproduction of Ayaka, based on the illustration drawn by Gaou.

・The braid on the side of her hair has also been sculpted in detail,giving it an exquisite softness and three-dimensional feel.

・The outfit is a cute pastel purple baby doll, which is cute and sexy at the same time.

・The figure is a cast-off, You can enjoy every inch of Ayaka. 

Painted 1/6th scale ATBC-PVC & ABS figure with stand included. Approximately 140mm in height.

18+ item.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
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Gaou Daishuku Hold Ayaka chan 1/6 Scale Figure
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