G.M.G. Zeon Army Soldier 06 Char Aznable

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The third set in Gundam Military Generation is here, and this time focuses on an infiltration strategy, with two infantry disguised in normal pilot suits as well as the first main character to join the G.M.G series: Char Aznable!

The Zeon Army 06 is none other than Char Aznable as a complete pre-painted figure that stands approximately 10cm in height (around 1/18th scale) and is fully articulated for all sorts of different poses. He comes with various optional parts including a Navan Type 62 pistol, a rifle for close combat, a recoilless rifle, mug, notebook and an alternate head part without his helmet. Additional bonus parts include six time bombs, a bomb case, a rock to stand on and a two-part connecting ladder.

Displaying Standard Infantry 04 and 05 together with Char will enable you to pose them infiltrating an Earth Federation Forces base! Be sure to display them with the other soldiers previously released in the G.M.G. series for even more display opportunities!

Approximately 100mm in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
G.M.G. Zeon Army Soldier 06 Char Aznable
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