Dynaction Evangelion Test Type-01

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Rebuild of Evangelion
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Big scale and high posability: that's what the new DYNACTION series is all about, and its first release is the Evangelion Test Type-01. Standing an impressive 400mm, this is a truly immersive and dynamic action figure packed with visual informational detail. Created based on Tamashii Nations know-how, the large scale allows for all sorts of features not seen in other portrayals: a mouth showing teeth and gums, newly visible markings, and other fine detailing.

[Set Contents] Main Body, 4 optional pairs of hands, Ikari Shinji figure, Optional shoulder armor, Pallet Rifle, Progressive Knife, Umbilical Cable, Stand, Optional antenna, Joint for stand

Approximately 15.7" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Dynaction Evangelion Test Type-01
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