DESKTOP ARMY EVA Movie Ayanami Rei & Evangelion No. 0 (Kai)

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Desktop Army
Rebuild of Evangelion
July 2021
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With Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 on the way, we have a new Desktop Army figure from Rebuild of Evangelion - this time of Rei Ayanami and Evangelion Unit-00.

The large shield seen during Operation Yashima as well as smiling parts for Ayanami Rei are included, which can be used together with the Desktop Army Shinji Ikari & Evangelion Unit-01 to recreate various scenes from the film.

The figure can be displayed in autonomous form as well as embarked form allowing for various different display options. It can also be displayed with the separately sold "Flying Transport Craft" to display the figure in transportation.

The series is of course compatible with all previously released figures in the Desktop Army series, so you can also mix and match for all sorts of options! The possibilities are limitless! Create your very own army to brighten up your desktop with some extra cuteness!

Rei Ayanami Figure Approx. 80mm in Height.
Evangelion Unit-00 Approx. 150mm in Height.

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
DESKTOP ARMY EVA Movie Ayanami Rei & Evangelion No. 0 (Kai)
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