Dame Valerie 1/5.5 Scale Figure

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1/5.5 Scale Figure
Shinsuke Inue Original Character
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Figure based on noble female knight drawn by Shinsuke Inue!

There have been countless works of fantasy adorned with fabled female knights, but have you ever wondered what would happen if they fall...

A lady warrior in a compromising situation is an adult fiction staple, so we're pleased to provide you with this precious chance to experience it in the modern day.

Though she may be bound, her eyes are tinged with resistance and her expression defiant. Her plump body, usually covered in rustic armor, fair skin and blonde hair indicate a noble lineage - nothing less than the archetypal female knight of legend.

The original illustration was provided by Shinsuke Inue, a creator who himself wears armor and fights. His deep knowledge is evident in the impressive design of Valerie's equipment. The prototype was sculpted by Kaoru Sakaki, who beautifully recreated her flowing feminine body and realistic armor.

See and enjoy for yourself her nobility in this situation.

Included: 2 x long swords, dagger, chains, rocky background

Painted 1/5.5th scale PVC & ABS complete product. Approximately 170mm in height including background.

18+ item!

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Dame Valerie 1/5.5 Scale Figure
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