Bruce Lee: Tribute Statue (Ver. 4) 1/4 Scale Hybird Type Statue

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1/4 Scale Figure
Bruce Lee
September 2021
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In honor of Bruce Lee, Blitzway presents its fourth version Tribute Statue, the new 1/4th scale of the Superb Scale Statue series.

In this project, the Blitzway design & development team captures Bruce Lee’s signature charisma, full of controlled power.

This statue features Bruce Lee’s highly realistic facial expression, rippling muscles, and a pose that looks like he is confronting the enemy as he tightly holds two nunchakus.

The stone textured base, engraved with his iconic martial-arts moves, shows his fame as a martial-arts master.

[BW-SS-20901] Bruce Lee: Tribute Statue – ver. 4 (1/4th Scale Hybrid Type Statue)
Highly detailed likeness of Bruce Lee portrait and body
Exquisitely tailored outfit
Precise and highly detailed two nunchakus
Newly designed realistic diorama base
One (1) imperial guardian lion statue (Early Pre-Order Bonus)

Approximately 23" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Bruce Lee: Tribute Statue (Ver. 4) 1/4 Scale Hybird Type Statue
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