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Bring Arts
Final Fantasy XIV
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Y’shtola from FINAL FANTASY XIV makes her debut in the BRING ARTS figure line, clad in her “Sorceress” attire! From her midnight black dress to the texture of its fur accents, our designers spared no effort in recreating these fine details. Her ears and tail, signature features of the Miqo’te race, use the pigmentation already incorporated in the material to bring her design to life. Additionally, we have included a new type of neck joint that allows for a wider range of poses.Her accessories include Nightseeker, a thaumaturge arm that harnesses the power of destruction, as well as six different interchangeable hand pieces. This figure showcases Y’shtola’s enigmatic charm and would make a great addition to any adventurer’s collection!Recreate your favorite scenes from the game with this poseable action figure!

Approximately 140mm in height.
* This item is limited to 3 per person.
Bring Arts Y'shtola
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