5Pro Studio MEGAHERO Series Waldo 1/12 Action Figure (Normal Ver.)

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1/12 Action Figure
Where's Waldo?
October 2021
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“Have you found Waldo yet?”

Blitzway presents the Waldo from ‘Where’s Waldo?’, 1/12th scale MEGAHERO series.
Waldo is an iconic character beloved by many fans since its debut as a children’s puzzle book called ‘Where’s Waldo?’ in 1987. Blitzway has taken the character from the book and brought him into the real world for all the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ fans. This 1/12th scale Waldo action figure features the highly detailed Waldo head sculpt, the newly designed body that allows for Waldo's signature poses, and the DX version exclusive book-shaped base which also allows for the storage of accessories.

Do not miss this adorable Waldo, and bring him home for your collection right now!


Where’s Waldo?: Waldo - 1/12th scale action figure (Normal ver.)
Highly detailed likeness of Waldo in ‘Where’s Waldo?’ book
Newly designed and developed body of Waldo
Eight (8) pieces of replaceable hands
The newly designed book-shape figure stand
Six (6) stand decorating parts
Two (2) decorating graphics
Two (2) clear clips for decorating graphics

One (1) cross-body bag
One (1) cane

2D gifts:
One (1) ‘Where’s Waldo?’ postcard
One (1) ‘Where’s Waldo?’ stickers pack

Approximately 6.7" in height. 

* This item is limited to 3 per person.
5Pro Studio MEGAHERO Series Waldo 1/12 Action Figure (Normal Ver.)
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