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Alice Otori 1/6 Scale Figure
From thomas's original series "The cosplay maids like snacks" comes 「Alice Otori」turned into a three-dimensional figure! This petite and masochist cosplay maid with big breasts was illustrated by the famous artist thomas. She comes from the original fan fiction 「The...
$252.99 $238.88
Ibuki Asaba -Kegareboshi・Ao- 1/6 Scale Figure
Cool Rookie Idol Illustrated by Satou Kuuki! From the popular author Satou Kuuki's original Idol NTR doujinshi series, "Kegareboshi・Ao", Newcomer idol "Ibuki Asaba" is sculpted in 1/6 scale. Ibuki carries a pair of H cups, which doesn't match her cool...
$229.99 $218.88
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Renge 1/6 Scale Figure
[Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kotowari to Meikyuu no Shoujo-] the heroine in the final chapter is now available in 3-D! We have reproduced the mysterious and beautiful Renge from the adult PC game, [Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kotowari to Meikyuu no Shoujo-]! Recreated from...
$301.99 $268.88
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